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The three young fellows sitting around the campfire at a forgotten Civil
War reenactment were quick to criticize any other participant.  Somebody
wasn't authentic enough or somebody wasn't drilling just right to suit
their taste.  It's a tired old conversation in our hobby, too often
repeated in a world too polluted by "experts".

The old sergeant sitting on the other side of the fire ring let the boys
talk themselves out before he posed a most interesting question, wondering
out loud where they might have been April 1st, 1971.  One of the youth
wasn't born, another would have been in the third grade and the last
honestly couldn't possibly remember.  The old sergeant could though.

On that date he'd been from them to him from the border of Laos and in the
middle of a firefight with the Viet Cong.  He slid his shirt back just far
enough to show the two long scars a VC mortar had left him.  With a badge
like that, he figured he knew what a real war looked like.....what it
sounded like....what it smelled like.  Therefore, knowing what the real
thing was, he was well aware this was a hobby.  Nothing more, nothing less.

A hobby.  A pursuit done in enjoyment, not because of need or necessity, to
be savored with people you like.  Not people you tolerate, not people you
can't stand, people you like.  It doesn't matter what brings a person to
the hobby of Civil War reenactmenting, it's their enjoyment of the craft
and the people that is all that matters.  Enjoyment with the people we

The Kentucky Brigade is founded and flourishes on the words of an old

Brig. General Eli Beachy

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