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The 2nd Independent
Signal Detachment

The function of the signal corp is to aide with the communication
of information between unit on the field and the command staff.
For more information please click here for an article by Sgt.Craig Anderson.

Members of the 2nd Independent Signal Detachment

Captain Dale Alkire - Commander

1st Lt. Bob Hodges
2nd Lt. Lacy Shawver
Sgt. Craig Anderson
1st Sgt. David Alkire
Cpl. Grif King
Pvt. Jon Hodges
Pvt. Reuben Schneider
Pvt. Bob Smith
Pvt. Mike Calladine
Pvt. Scott Bina
Pvt. Randy Bina
Nancy Alkire
Kim Schneider
Lisa Sudlow
Kathy Shawver
Mary Ann Bina

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