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"For a mile up and down the open fields before us the splendid lines of the veterans of the Army of Northern Virginia swept down  upon  us. Their bearing was magnificent. They came forward with a rush, and how our men did yell, 'Come on, Johnny, come on!'"                                                                                                                                    -Lt. Col. Rufus R. Dawes, 6th Wisconson, The Iron Brigade, July 1, 1863

The Eighth Kentucky Dismounted Cavalry

* Bill Pursley
* Tristan Pursley
* Jim Dreger
* Steve Mawer
* Joe Wilhelm
* Christopher Dreger
* Ed Whyte
* Jon Mawer
* David "Buck" Stephens  Kelly Dreger
* Terry Wilhelm
* Troy Wilhelm
* Scooter Russell
* Jeff Mekus

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